Sunday, March 22, 2015

a LOT has changed around here

Hey Y'all,

So, let me first say that a LOT has changed over here!  It has been a couple of years since I actually created this particular blog page.  We were going to homeschool.  We were going to do this super fun thing were I used a Harry Potter theme.  Alas, life happened and we did NOT do it.  We remained in public school for all three of my kids.  Well, that is until last September.  The Princess suffers from migraines and we finally determined that the stress of public school was one of her triggers.  The Diva is very much happy and successful in public school and she is still there.  The Pirate no longer wants to be called a Pirate.  I really don't know what he wants me to call him anymore...So, he will remain the Pirate.

September, 2015.  That is when we REALLY started homeschooling.  I fumbled around for a little while trying to figured out where I was being led.  I really have a eclectic personality.  I finally felt strongly led to enroll my kids in Classical Conversations.  They are thriving!  The Princess is relearning all the things she has skimmed through in public school and forgotten and the Pirate is FINALLY trying to read.  If you do not know what Classical Conversations is... will answer a multitude of questions.  I chose to follow their recommendations for my Princess who is a 6th grader.  We use Saxon Math, IEW for writing, and Essentials for our Grammar.  For Social Studies and Geography I am supplementing the Foundations program with books from the library.  We live in Georgia...which provides us with a LOT of opportunities for Field Studies.   The focus for History this year was American History... Well, we have a few options in that area!  

I am really loving the schedule and the flexibility of CC.  It allows me to have accountability...let me be honest and tell you that I NEED that...but it also allows me the opportunity to add in things that speak to my creative side.  I could not be happier!
Right now we are in Cycle 3.  It has certainly been a learning curve and I already know what I will different next year for Cycle 1.  I am super excited for next year.  I know that it will be amazing!

Looking forward to sharing the journey.  Oh, that super fun Harry Potter Unit?  That is my secret Summer School plan ;-)  Stay tuned for that!



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